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Meadow View Preschool


Our Philosphy

At Meadow View Preschool, our curriculum is play-based and developmentally appropriate; with aspects of Montessori and Reggio philosophies. We believe in a child-centered curriculum, in which each child is given the opportunity to explore their curiosities and develop a love of learning. We acknowledge and respect that every child has a voice, and we strive to foster independence and self-sufficiency, giving the children confidence in their own abilities.


We place a strong emphasis on social-emotional growth; expression of self, management of emotions, and the processes of establishing positive relationships with others. Early childhood years are such an important time for child in the development of empathy and accountability. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which the children can learn to identify and understand their feelings in a constructive way so that they can begin strengthening connections and building self-worth.

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Within the classroom we provide different areas of exploration, with daily play invitations for the children to learn through different mediums. We encourage imaginative play through role play and dramatic centers; we help the children develop their pre-writing skills through sensorial play, art, and manipulatives, we also provide areas for building and construction in which the children have opportunities to collaborate, strategize and problem solve. We also place a large emphasis on literacy and language development with plenty of story times and book access.

We believe nature based education and outdoor play is incredibly important. All children participate in plenty of daily outdoor recreational time. Our acreage provides us with the unique opportunity to put our gross motor skills into practice while also engaging in outdoor adventures and different types of learning.

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We want our children to learn, play, and grow in a safe, loving environment.  We want our preschool to be one that children love attending and parents love visiting. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit and participate in center activities.

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